10 Foods That Flatten Your Belly & Beat Bloat

We all tend to indulge ourselves in overeating every now and then. And the next morning and in some cases, soon after eating hot and spicy dishes, one starts experiencing bloating, gas, constipation or acid reflux.

There are several food items and recipes that trigger bloating, particularly dishes that contain heaps of salt, and this causes you to gain heaps of weight within days. But the good news is, you can deflated this bloating and shape up your figure with the help of countless healthy foods that are remarkable at flattening out a bloated belly.

Here, take a look at 10 of our healthiest picks to help you combat bloating and weight gain:

1. Banana

Fat-filled foods tend to increase the sodium levels of your body, and this causes the body to retain water and start bloating up. Bananas can help you combat the bloating since they are packed with potassium, a powerful nutrient that flushes out excess fluid from the body and eliminates bloating from the stomach in no time. In fact, every single time you feel you’ve eaten too much salt, just fix yourself a banana salad, smoothie or perhaps, just devour one or two bananas with peanut butter or nuts.

2. Parsley

A traditional herb that has been hailed as a natural diuretic for centuries. Research reveals that parsley aids the body by flushing out the excess fluid-build-up. It also fortifies the bones by replenishing them with a whopping dose of vitamin K, along with heaps of Vitamin C to enhance your immune system. You add parsley in countless recipes to enhance the richness of their flavour, or you can chop some up and toss it into salads, soups, pastas, sauces, pizzas, green smoothies and much more.


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