12 Foods with the Highest Amounts of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that restores our youth and vitality and brims up the body with energy. However, when the body doesn’t get enough of this vital nutrient, which can easily happen because Vitamin D isn’t found in most of our regular food items. Of course, the body can always soak up vitamin D when it is exposed to natural sunlight, but hey, after all the layers of sunscreen that we lather all over our skin, Vitamin D production tends to slow down and we don’t get nearly as much as we believe the sun is capable of providing.

Research reveals that, while the daily recommendation of Vitamin D ranges between 400-800 IU per day, nearly half of the entire American population has a Vitamin D deficiency. Even though we don’t realize it, but this Vitamin is highly essential for the health of bones, along with several other key body functions, such as mood regulation, fortification of the immune system and the regulation of the fat burning process that allows us to lose weight.

For those of us who are always eager to reach out for supplements, research reveals that this nutrient, like all other nutrients, is best obtained from its natural sources. And we are going to introduce you to 12 insanely delicious food items that are packed with heaps of Vitamin D.

Here, take a look:

1. Dried shiitake mushrooms

Vitamin D: 154 IU per 3-oz serving

Dried shiitake are the best food when it comes to a long and healthy shelf life, and this delicious snack is packed with heaps of Vitamin D. You see, as opposed to fresh shiitake mushrooms, the dried ones are far more nutritious because the drying process increases the Vitamin D content. These meaty delights also have extremely powerful anti-cancer and anti-viral profiles, and research reveals that they are highly effective in regulating and reducing cholesterol levels of the body.

All you need is a 3oz. serving of dried shiitake mushrooms to enrich your body with 154 IU of Vitamin D. You can enjoy these dried delights in a leafy green salad, a creamy mushroom soup, pizzas, pastas and all your casserole recipes.


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