3 Ways to Encourage Healthy Habits in Your Children

A recent study revealed that the environment at home can reduce the chances of a child to become obese, but don’t we all already know that? If parents are seen eating Caribbean sized platters at meals, filled with greasy fat-rich dishes, surely, the children will also follow their footsteps. Healthy eating is encouraged at home, as parents are responsible for teaching their kids everything.

Statistics regarding health and disease reveal that obesity amongst children has tripled over the last three decades, and it is even higher amongst adolescents. In 2010, nearly one third of the entire children and adult population were dealing with obesity or weight issues. Since obesity amongst children is rising at an alarming rate, as parents, we must all take effective and immediate measures to help our children adopt healthy eating habits.

Parents must always remember that their children see them as role models. A recent study compared the exercise routines and eating habits of around 190 children, ranging between the ages of 2-5, with those of their parents. The results revealed that children born to parents who have a regular routine of healthy eating and exercising tend to imitate those habits, and this leads to reduce chances of obesity. On the other hand, children whose parents ate unhealthy foods tended to show the same eating habits, a general lack of physical energy.

Furthermore, children of parents who didn’t allow excessive quantities of junk food scored much higher on the healthy eating scale, and children whose parents had regular exercise regimes exhibited themselves as more physically energetic, active and mindful about their diet. The study was successful in adding ample evidence to the claim that learning healthy eating habits begins at home, and parents are the ones responsible for inculcating them in their children.


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