5 Signs Your Back Pain Might Signal A More Serious Problem

Research reveal that back pains are increasingly prevalent, and nearly 80% of the entire population tends to complain about their aching backs every now and then. In usual cases, it can be a routine matter caused by an awful cramps, a minor accident, or an improper sleeping position. Even cases like herniated discs, strains or muscle sprains tend to heal on their own, but patients who don’t want to visit the doctor or eat medicines can make use of other therapeutic cures such as massages, yoga and exercise. In fact, patients suffering from back pains are often asked to enhance their exercise regimes, and heal their spine by performing a set of specific moves.

However, in certain cases, the nerves present within the spinal cord are under attack, or the spinal cord gets affected by an autoimmune disorder that threatens your mobility and comfort. In some cases, back pains are just a symptom that indicate the presence of a severe disease.

When you spot these symptoms, you must book yourself a doctor’s appointment at once, and in some dangerous cases, you shouldn’t wait around for an appointment and head to the ER without wasting a single minute.

Here, take a look at 5 signs that indicate the development of a serious ailment in your body:

1. You can’t control your bowels

Cauda equina syndrome is a very rarely occurring disease, according to recent statistics, occurs in only 1 amongst 33,000 individuals. This disorder causes the nerve roots present within the lumbar spine to get compressed, and this deprives the body from feeling any kind of movement or sensations.

Patients suffering from such a disease tend to be extremely rare, but if one is affected by this disease, a surgery has to be performed at once. If you waste time and delay the surgery, the disease can impair your key bodily functions, such as lack of control over bowel or bladder movements, paralysis and sexual dysfunction.


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