5 Signs of Meningitis You Should Know

Your brain and spinal cord are the most essential and the most central organs of your body, they are practically responsible for all your bodily functions, hence, keeping them out of danger is vital for staying alive. Both, the brain and the spinal cord, are protected by meninges, which is basically a membrane that serves the purpose keeping them safe from all kinds of germs and bacteria. However, in certain instances, the meninges gets attacked by a virus or bacteria, and this ailment is referred to as meningitis.

Meningitis is often caused by bacteria, but the more common kind is viral meningitis. It also tends to be much less grave and it is not fatalistic. However, bacterial meningitis tends to be scarier and more serious, it is also extremely rare, and life-threatening. But the symptoms of both these kinds are almost the same, so you really need to pay attention to these signs, and get yourself medical assistance right away.

Here are the 5 extremely common signs that will help you spot the disease:

1. Flu-like fatigue and fever

When your body is battling against bacteria and germs, flu and fever are probably the first ailments that will plague you. Flu is probably the first sign of meningitis, it drives the energy out of your body, and leaves you feeling nauseous, fatigued and feverish. A headache develops in your head, and it worsens with each passing day.

The worst part is, medicines don’t seem to be an effective cure, and this is when you need to trust your instincts and get yourself expert medical attention without any delays. Meningitis is a disease that spreads in your body rapidly, so if something is out of the ordinary, rush to the hospital ASAP!


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