9 Things You Need To Know About Your Appendix

We all know about the organ named appendix, and the fact that it can cause some serious pain, and panicky trips to the ER. But how many us claim to really understand all that there is to know about an appendix and its functions?

Listed below are 9 facts to inform you about all that there is to learn about maintaining a healthy appendix:

1. It might not be useless

The popular belief is that an appendix is a vestigial organ, which doesn’t have much use and can be removed from the body whenever the need arises. However, medical science has conducted some groundbreaking research into the benefits and purposes of an appendix.

Research reveals that the appendix plays the extremely vital role of repopulating good bacteria within the body. It is essential to fill your body with good bacteria. It basically works like a repository for flora and healthy bacteria, which is supposed to aid and revitalize your body when a horrible wipeout occurs, for instance when you have to take lots of antibiotics. However, your body will function just fine even if your appendix is removed after a case of appendicitis.

2. Fibers, veggies and fruits ensure a healthy appendix.

Once your appendix erupts, it can cause serious health concerns that are nearly fatalistic. There is not clear cut remedy to make sure your appendix never gets disturbed, however, there’s plenty that you can do to lower the risk of a disease as a scary as appendicitis. Research reveals that a diet rich in fibers, fruits and vegetables keeps your appendix healthy, prevents inflammation and makes sure rupturing never takes place. So, be sure to pile at least a quarter of your plate with fruits and leafy green veggies.


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