The 30 Best High-Protein Foods for Metabolism — Ranked

Are you missing out the most essential proteins? Re-consider your diet!

Either you are surviving on a high-carb diet or maintaining a strict vegetarian diet plan to balance your protein need, still you need high-protein diet to assist in your efforts for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Men are recommended to have around 56 grams of protein in their food while women need 46 grams. Surprisingly enough, it’s about same as 4 drumsticks or two hamburgers. Choice is all ours, whether we care for our health more than our momentary taste?

According to a recent Metabolism Research in 2015 by American Journal of Physiology, proteins that are necessary for building muscles and spurring of energy are found in people who ate double the amount of proteins in their daily diet. Even pork chops and burger cannot make up for your protein deficiency.

The 30 best high protein foods, which were listed in Zero Belly Cookbook, help in forming an efficient metabolism system that will Melt Your Extra Fat

30. Sweet Peas

Peas are store-houses of proteins like legumes. Sweet pea, with its starchy texture, gives you a metabolic protein boost which many gym-goers prefer too. Whether you like them raw or steamed (with pinch of salt and butter) or in your soups or cooked food with gravy, you will always be benefited with a gram of protein for consumption of its 15 calories.

29. Peanuts

Are you feeling a bit down these days? Try some peanuts. They contain a mood-boaster vitamin called folate. They are inexpensive yet carry the most protein content in contrast to cashews, pistachios and almonds. Yes, they supply 9 grams of protein for a one-fourth cup of peanuts.


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